Mr. & Mrs. Broyles: Sept 9th, 2017

September 18, 2017



Seriously, all I can say is WOW! Where do I even begin with this INCREDIBLE Wedding? Rebekah and Parker are my sister Ashley's friends from College and I had heard nothing but amazing things about them, so back in July 2016 when they asked me create Save the Dates AND to fly to Montana to be their Wedding Photographer I was SOOOOOOO excited! 




I met Bekah and Parker over FaceTime a few times when chatting with Ashley, but I finally met them in-person just 2 days before their wedding! I can't even begin to explain how AMAZING it was to have such a relaxed and fun couple as my first wedding. 







The morning of the wedding Bekah, Ashley and I hopped in the car and drove 15 minutes from the cabin we were staying at to venture off into the woods. We scouted a location off the main road near a campsite to take a few pre-wedding & detail pictures. OMG the DETAILS! Everything was so perfectly crafted for this special day. The Bible that was used as the ring pillow in the ceremony belonged to Parker's Father. This Bible was symbolic for one head of household giving the blessing onto the next. On the day of Bekah's bridal shower, her Grandmother gave her a heart made out of one of her Father's old shirts. This way she could pin the heart in her dress and have a small piece of him with her on her wedding day.


After our little adventure in the woods, we headed back to the Anipro Event Center to capture ceremony set up before the wedding & reception officially started later that afternoon. Instead of using a guest book just 10 days before the wedding Bekah & Parker decided they wanted to use a bench instead  Turns out, Parker happened to have a bench in the basement that was made out of the old Rapelje High School bleachers. How cool is that?! Each reception table center piece was expertly crafted with wheat and one single pink rose. The aisle liners were family members cowboy boots. SO CUTE! The bouquets and boutonnieres you just have to see for yourself! Rebekah's Aunt Brandi is insanely creative/talented.  


Then, it was time to get ready.

It's time!


I'd be lying if I said I didn't get teary eyed seeing the way Parker looked at Rebekah as she walked down the aisle. That kind of love is so special and rare.


For the reception the cake table was decorated with an assortment of cupcakes and of course a beautiful spice cake (which later ended up in Parkers nose.) Oops! They even had a trail mix bar where you could select your own ingredients... A TRAIL MIX BAR! GENIUS!